digital engineering & construction
'Go beyond 3D design and documentation'

'Digital Engineering' goes far beyond 3D design and documentation: this technology can be applied to construction methodology optimisation, safety, program & commercial analysis and work-winning. A modest improvement in project delivery can make a big difference to the high risk nature and razor-thin margins of most projects. Digital techniques are now an essential part of modern project delivery.
machine learning & artificial intelligence
'Driving Safety, Efficiency & Savings through automation'

Artificial Intelligence can benefit construction in terms of safety, efficiency, cost and time. Using techniques such as computer vision, construction sites can be remotely monitored and metrics or safety alerts generated. We have expertise in developing custom Machine Learning computer vision models to detect specific plant, materials, people or activities, and in using these models in automated dashboards and reporting.
DIGITAL MAnagement
'The cornerstone of high quality design and profitable projects'

The effective design of complex systems, structures and buildings by disperse, multi-disciplinary teams relies upon a solid foundation of technology and well defined processes. This is at the cornerstone of high quality design and profitable project delivery.
We scope, plan, document and manage the digital delivery process to meet the needs of each project. This includes the definition of responsibilities, scope and deliverables for project participants.
computational design
'Don't design the solution. Design the algorithm that finds the best solution'

We use applications such as Dynamo or Grasshopper for rapid generation of design options, to optimise design, engineering & construction solutions and for automation of repetitive tasks. We view this as 'game-changer' technology that will continue to develop and is likely to revolutionise how we design and construct.
data driven design documentation
'Make the change just once'

Advanced modelling and database systems mean that design documentation can be generated rapidly, and regenerated with design changes. In other words, a change is made just once and outputs such as models, drawings, schedules and reports are updated. The key to success is to establish robust data flows, with an absolute minimum of data duplication.

digital strategy
'The digital game plan'

In our experience, the single biggest cause of digital failure is the lack of a strategy. This is often combined with unrealistic expectations and becoming bogged down in technical details too early. In other words, forgetting the fundamental 'game plan' of strategy & tactics. It is critical to have a concise digital strategy, describing who is going to do what, why & when, with defined goals and success metrics.
training & mentoring
'Teach a person to fish.....'

With suitable digital skills and tools, a single person can be more effective than several people without those skills. Furthermore, basic digital skills need to be in the hands of the people actually doing the work, rather than being limited to digital specialists. Therefore, proactive up-skilling is essential to get the most from modern digital tools. We help people gain the skills they need through formal training and mentoring & coaching.
spatial analytics
Industries such as marketing and finance are sophisticated users of data analytics, where even a small adjustment in strategy or method can make a big difference to commercial success. Importantly, this includes predictive modelling rather than just retrospective analysis and pattern spotting. These techniques can be applied to construction projects to analyse, plan and bid on projects. In addition, the application of spatial analysis to engineering & construction projects is valuable in solving complicated time, space and cost problems.
Digital Constructors | steel structure
building information modelling
Efficiently solving complex design problems

We specialise in modelling for complex projects such as tunnels, rail, data centres and aviation projects. These projects involve intensive iterations of design coordination and review that are best performed using digital models. These models contain large amounts of data that is useful beyond design and construction phases, such as operational purposes. Using a variety of modelling applications and data formats requires a carefully planned approach to ensure efficient working and quality models.
project collaboration systems
'Focus on the job, not managing data'

Design, engineering and construction projects generate a vast amount of information. The challenge is to manage and leverage this data to benefit project delivery, rather than being an overhead. Modern collaboration systems allow the gathering, distribution & management of this data, but need proactive management to be effective. We specialise in the selection, configuration and management of these systems so that teams can focus on the job, not managing data.
Digital Constructors | Sydney Opera House